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Thank you for making a difference by buying locally in Canada.
Due to your support, we can in turn provide for our large family.
Take care of each other and we will all emerge from this more closely united.

Brands on Promo

The North Face, Arc'teryx, Nike, Champion, Columbia, New Balance, Herschel, Steve Madden, and many more!

Nike, The North Face, Columbia, New Balance in promo at Simons

Peaceful Pause

With life taking on a new pace, make some time for yourself to create a cozy bubble at home and reconnect with the present moment.

simons maison exclusive

Chambray denim duvet cover set

Starting at

Exclusive Pieces
Exclusive Prices

Sneak a peek at our panorama of stylish trends, where our carefully cut styles pair up with our unprecedented colours and one-of-a-kind prints.

Twik exclusive

Loose polo sweatshirt

Djab Exclusive

Organic cotton basic hoodie

Save 25%
Sweatshirts and hoodies at Simons

Fine Footwear At All Costs

Specially selected for you: shoes that look great, no matter the occasion or who's wearing them.

Steve Madden

Chiara platform sandals

Save 30%
Steve Madden

Broadmor derby shoes

Save 25%
Steve Madden Footwear for Men & Women at Simons
25 % *
*Limited quantities

For a limited time

Save up to

Comfort Essentials

Pieces featuring clean lines and comfortable fabrics whose main mission is making you feel good.

Le 31

Eco-friendly twin stripe T-shirt

Save 55%

Peachskin raglan sweatshirt

Save 25%

Simple Serenity

PJs and loungewear designed to deliver simplicity, dreamy comfort, and a sense of calm.

Le 31 Exclusive

Finely striped lounge T-shirt

Save 40%
Miiyu Exclusive

Sailor-stripe modal tee


Work From Home

Keep your look professional
for your upcoming video calls!

Le 31

Solid-colour faux-nylon shirt

Solid-colour faux-nylon shirt by Le 31 at Simons

Canadian Designers

Behold these fashion creators from here who stand out for their passion, savvy, and utter uniqueness. Simons is proud to make their talent known from coast to coast.

Let's Encourage
Our Artisans

Supporting the local economy is more important now than it ever has been before. Discover how to sharpen up your consumption habits with these creators from here who are dedicated to crafting small wonders of design and innovation to make your everyday more authentic and beautiful.

Flavourful Moments

Add a pinch of joy to your days spent at home by preparing delicious recipes and filling your kitchen with rich aromas.

Simons maison exclusive

Festive eclecticism woven cotton tablecloth

Starting at

Spring Cleaning

They keep you cozy, comfy, and warm every day of the year. Now's the time to give them a refresh!

In the office, playroom, and bedroom, say hello to the new season with a calm and well-organized environment.


Out of Sight,
Not out of Mind

Surprise your loved ones from a distance.

Our Exclusive Zones

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