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The Best of Sale by Simons

Hundreds of pieces have been added at exceptional prices!

Le 31 exclusive

Eco-friendly knit polo

Save 35%

An emerging trend that takes comfort wear and gears it towards your everyday.

What you'll find: studied basics for getting you out of the house and back again in a jiffy.

Le 31

Minimalist sweatpant

Le 31

Half-zip collar sweatshirt

One Mile Wear trend at Simons

One Mile Wear

The Organic Cotton Polo

An eco-friendly essential that's timeless and suitable for every occasion.

The Organic Cotton Polo by Le 31 at Simons
Le 31 Exclusive

Solid organic cotton polo


Hankering for Hoodies

Its signature heathered grey. Its fuzzy terry interior.
It's must-have loose fit.
Hoodies: they're a must-have!

Djab Exclusive

Organic cotton basic hoodie

Djab organic cotton basic hoodie for men at Simons

The High-Performance Shirt

Looking polished and staying neatly pressed is now a cinch.

Save 40%
High-performance faux-nylon shirt by Le 31 at Simons

Punchy Undies

Ultra-light fabrics in energizing hues.

Want eco-friendly options? Look for our Vision logo to guide you in making green choices!

Le 31 Organic cotton colourful stripe trunk for men at Simons

Eco-Friendly Joggers

An ergonomic design that's casual, comfy, and made of planet-conscious fibres.

Le 31 exclusive

Eco-friendly ergonomic joggers

Save 25%
Eco-friendly ergonomic joggers by Le 31 at  Simons

Work From Home

Keep your look professional
for your upcoming video calls!

Which type of teleworker are you?

1 shirt, 3 personas

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Natural Chic

Raw linen combines with organic cotton in a light, breathable, and comfortable weave.

Le 31

Organic cotton and linen jacket

Save 45%
Organic cotton and linen jacket by Le 31 at Simons


This Montreal collection has everything you could ask for with its luxurious, eco-friendly, Canada-made products.

Hand sanitizer by Ruby Brown at Simons

Graphic Archives

A blast from the past: take a tour through our new gallery of historic, cultural icons.

Boxer Sets

Pick out your latest faves by Lacoste, SAXX, Calvin Klein, and HUGO BOSS... they're multiplying!

Flip-Flops, The Famous Essential!

Starting at
Men flip-flops starting at $9.99 at Simons

Let's encourage Canadian businesses from coast to coast.

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