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Underwear - masculine underwear & loungewear

Sunday, June 21

With their sleek and understated aesthetic, neutral hues, and incomparable comfort, these essentials are bound to become his new favourites.

Le 31

Essential organic cotton trunk 2-pack

Le 31 Two-tone waffle robe for men at Simons

Sustainable Downtime

Comfort, style, and a respect for the environment: find underwear and loungewear that tick all of these boxes.

Le 31 Exclusive

TENCEL Modal loft trunk

Le 31 TENCEL Modal loft trunk for men at Simons

Brands on Promo: Up to 30% Off

Fresh Fibres

Cotton-modal blends, pure organic cotton, TENCEL™ Modal—keep cool in the summer heat with our ultralight fabrics!

3 for $34.95 Le 31 boxers for men at Simons

For a limited time

3 for

Want eco-friendly options? Look for our Vision logo to guide you in making green choices!

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Men's Classic ribbed socks by Polo Ralph Lauren at Simons

Top-Drawer Socks

Now that you're seeing them all day long, might as well wear your favourite colour.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Classic ribbed socks


Great Grooming

Take some time for yourself with our selection of care products for your hair, beard, and body.

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